Sexual, sensual and gender-bendering: Neo-burlesque event explores sexuality

Two women brought performance artists from all over the world to give Jutland a taste of a distinctly non-Scandinavian art genre: burlesque.

Originally published in Jutland Station Dec. 4, 2014

By Alison Haywood and Katharina Kuecke

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As the lights in club Radar dimmed and the crowd fell silent, the show’s host walked onstage: a man with a carefully-crafted beard wearing a pheasant feather hat, froofy Mary Poppins-style dress and high heels.

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Celebration of printed arts will bring steamrollers to Tacoma

Published in the Tacoma News Tribune April 25, 2014

If you see steamrollers while driving down St. Helens Avenue on Sunday, don’t be alarmed. It’s just a sign of the annual Wayzgoose, King’s Books’ annual celebration of printed arts. Continue reading

Sociology major sings his way to Yale

Originally published in The Mooring Mast April 25, 2014

Three years into his music degree, then-junior Brendan Fitzgerald needed a break. He switched his music major to sociology, but kept singing with the Choir of the West as a hobby.

So when a professor asked him if he’d like to study music at Yale, he thought it was a joke. Little did he know he’d be accepted — and offered a full ride. Continue reading

“The Art of Wayzgoose:” University Gallery exhibit previews upcoming art festival

Originally published in The Mooring Mast March 21, 2014

The University Gallery is displaying a sneak peek at some pieces for the upcoming art festival Wayzgoose.

“The Art of Wayzgoose,” which opened March 12 and runs through April 9, showcases prints from various artists that will be on display at the annual Tacoma printed arts festival April 27. Continue reading

Concert is a failed affair

Originally published in The Mooring Mast September 20, 2013

The state fair usually brings cotton candy, carnival rides and country music to mind, but apparently furry boots and fishnet tights are joining the ranks, at least judging by the concert set at this year’s Washington State Fair. The Puyallup Fair isn’t just sporting a new name — it’s sporting a new lineup as well. Continue reading

The best in the West

By Alison Haywood, Copy Editor

Published in The Mooring Mast April 25, 2012

Not many ensembles receive a warm round of applause before they even came onstage. The Choir of the West’s reputation alone was enough to impress its audience at its most recent performance. Continue reading

Female scientist experiments with love

Losing Control film review

**** (Four stars)

Alison Haywood, A&E Reporter

Published in The Mooring Mast March 23, 2012

Actress Miranda Kent proves in the film Losing Control that you don’t need to be a ditzy blonde to make a good romantic comedy. Continue reading

Yummers goes to war … ‘Cupcake Wars’

By Alison Haywood, A&E Reporter

Published in The Mooring Mast Feb. 24, 2012

When Yummers 2 the 3rd Power chef Jeffrey Rowe received a call from the Food Network saying his shop was going to be on the reality show “Cupcake Wars,” he thought it was a prank call. Little did he anticipate the stress, trials and fame to follow the next few months. Continue reading