Medical treatment in Germany for international patients: How it works

Medical treatment in Germany for international patients, a short introduction video about your personal path towards high quality medical care in Germany.

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Patient story: Middle Eastern woman can finally walk pain-free after undergoing hip surgery in Germany

Ms. Amal Ahmad was suffering from severe hip problems when she approached Premier Healthcare Germany. She had already undergone nine unsuccessful surgeries and was in pain with every step she took. Premier Healthcare Germany found an orthopedic specialist in Germany who agreed to take the case. The surgery was a success. The patient was so satisfied with our service, she returned to Germany several months later to operate on the other hip.

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Hip surgery in Germany: Middle Eastern patient and Medical Case Manager share their stories

A Middle Eastern woman was born with a congenital hip problem. After undergoing multiple unsuccessful surgeries in her home country and in Thailand, she finally turned to Premier Healthcare Germany in the hope that an orthopedic surgeon in Germany would be able to help. This is her story.

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