PLU chef to participate in culinary competition

A chef from Dining and Culinary Services will represent PLU later this week at a national culinary competition. Sous chef Chuk Blessum is flying to Los Angeles to compete in “Flavors,” an annual competition put on by the National Association of College and University Food Service.

The competitors will work with lobsters as their main dish. They are judged on organization, professionalism, hygiene and technique as well as the quality of their final product.

Blessum got into food service at an early age working as a dishwasher at a country club, but got serious about it when he realized becoming a chef could allow him to travel, first around the country and then around the world.

Chefs from PLU have competed in the NACUFS [Nack — Uffs] competition since 2007, and Blessum has participated the past two years. Last year in Reno, his sautéed duck breast won second place. This year, he said he hopes to do even better.


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