Rain just keeps coming; flood watch kicks in Wednesday

Published in the Tacoma News Tribune March 4, 2014

The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for Pierce County, and it goes into effect Wednesday afternoon. The weather service predicts the Puyallup River will experience minor flooding near Orting Thursday around midnight, but the river will probably not flood near the city of Puyallup.

The National Weather Service has also raised the landslide threat because of the heavy rains.

Washingtonians are no strangers to rain. An above-average amount of rainfall in the past few days has not dampened spirits in Puyallup on Tuesday morning.

Sea-Tac Airport recorded .42 inches of rain Monday, according to the National Weather Service. This is more than twice the normal accumulation of .12 inches.

“It’s kind of irritating, but I’m used to it after 30 years,” said Tacoma resident Mario Ciaparrone, 53.

Puyallup resident Jessica McGuffey, 24, said she didn’t let the rain affect her plans for the day.

“I’m still going out walking,” she said. “In this area, if you let the rain change your routine, you’re never going to get anything done.”

What many Washingtonians lack in umbrellas, they make up for in waterproof clothing.

“I just put on better shoes and a good coat,” said 24-year-old Alisha Smith of Edgewood.

Ruben Prez, 23, of Seattle said he owns multiple coats so that when one gets soaked, he can put on a dry one. He also coats his shoes with waterproof spray. “I like the rain,” he said.

Vangie La Gesse, who is in her 70s and owns Puyallup Custom Frame and Art, said that people don’t like to bring items to her store when it’s raining, but that the weather doesn’t significantly affect her business. “I think most people here are used to the weather,” she said. “We like this better than 10 feet of snow.”

Josiah William, a 30-year-old Colorado native who now lives in Enumclaw, said he misses the snow.

“I tend to be OK with it, though,” he said, noting he likes how green Washington is all year round.


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