passfotoAlison Haywood is an internationally-published American journalist with a bad case of the travel bug. She recently completed an Erasmus Mundus master’s degree program in Journalism, Media and Globalisation and is currently looking for full-time journalistic or communication-related work. Learn more about the program and check out the author’s bio in the Erasmus Mundus Blue Book – Globalisation is You.

When not writing or studying, she can be found in major European cities sleeping on couches, writing in coffeeshops, and falling off bicycles. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Communication and German from Pacific Lutheran University and is fluent in English and German.

Alison is accustomed to providing multimedia for her own stories and can produce high-quality photos and videos with a D-SLR camera or a smartphone. She has had professional internships with major daily newspapers in Berlin, Germany and Tacoma, Wash., and has covered hard news, feature stories and investigative stories.

To get a glimpse of Hamburg through Alison’s eyes, learn about her past travels, and stay updated on what she’s doing, check out her personal travel blog, Following the Wanderlust, or follow her on Instagram.

Follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated on her latest projects.

To read her master’s thesis, which has to do with media use among young refugees in Germany, visit her Research Colloqium blog.

Copyright (C) 2017 Alison Haywood

All content on this blog is produced by and property of Alison Haywood unless otherwise indicated.



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